Monday, November 20, 2017

"Dada, aur thoda aloo dalo naa"

                             At Mumbai this time, enjoying the 'panipuri' and ensuring the customary pic!

Food and conversations are a part of me! I love food, love experimenting with cuisines and have snooty opinions on food too. While I travel a bit on work, I always make it a point to eat the local cuisine and try the street food in a city I visit. 

One street food that I have been 'fida' over for years is 'phuchka'. The Bong version with mashed aloo, boiled brown chole and the perfect mix of spices. I do not endorse the pani puri we get in Bangalore made with green peas. It just doesn't make the mark for me. When I visited Delhi, I made it a point to try the Golgappe there. It was 11am at India Gate and I was busy downing golgappas. The potato was cut in cubes, the puri was small and they had added little white peas. I ate it and told myself phuchkas are way better any day! During my recent Mumbai visits, I ate the Pani puri made with Ragda. Have to admit it is an acquired taste and slowly, love may have happened. 

However, the best version of this street food still remains the  Bong Phuchka! And always remember, don't forget the sukha ( fao in bong) and don't forget to tell, "Dada, aur thoda aloo dalo naa" :) #phuchka #streetfood #lovefood #aloomatters 

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