Sunday, May 27, 2018

I am so glad it is my birthday today!

                               Be Happy

Ira turned four today and we celebrated four years of parenthood. The day was spent thanking everyone who wished her; we witnessed a less shy her , more open to acknowledging and smiling when someone wished her.

                      The cake was yummy!

Of course all conversations were interspersed with , "I am so glad it is my birthday today". A buffet breakfast with family where the highlight for her was her birthday cake- chocolate truffle and the Captain America figurine she received as a gift. So, we all took turns all day being Captain America and saving each other in imaginary situations.

Ira loves long drives and the next pit stop of her birthday celebration was Prani, The Pet Sanctuary at Kanakpura. We had chanced upon this place on a friends timeline few months back and it was on the to do list. Ira loves natural spaces and animals and we couldn't think of a better way than this to spend the day. She fed the birds, petted the animals, held rodents, saw iguana, terrapin and emu with great curiosity, played on the swing and even declared that the lemon juice was yummy. When we asked her which was her fave animal, she counted almost all of them on her fingers. She even told us that she loved the place and wants to go back and stay there and be with the animals.

                   A Day, just the way Ira likes it

For me personally, planning her gifts is one exciting task. This year we got her a small paint set, and a telescope so that she can explore the sky having recently ventured into reading about the space and playing a 'space' infotainment game with papa on the tab. We also got her a book called  Relativity for Babies (a fabulous series by Chris Ferrie) and a story cube game from Shumee. You roll the cubes and which ever sides face up , you make a story with that. Hoping to spend many story telling and story making evenings together.

Another year, bracing ourselves for more new things and new #TalesAtFour
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