Our ' Little Big' Girl!

Dear Ira,

You began Montessori 3 today and with it, we begin another year of learning as parents. Your kaleidoscopic world is only getting more colourful, filled with vivid experiences and expressive narrations.

Today as I dropped you to school, it was a big moment. Papa is in hospital, recovering from a surgery and we decided to take some pics, especially for him. You told me you wanted to stand in a particular way and at that moment, our baby, our precious just became a 'little big' girl.

The last few months we have seen a surge in your independent thoughts and your assertiveness. Few weeks back when Papa and Mamma went on a holiday to mark their 10 th anniversary, you stayed with Dadu, Dida and Joy for four days. A milestone for all of us. While I wanted to call you several times whenever we found a small band of network, you would pick the call, say hello, what you are doing and a quick bye. You also wished us 'Happy happy anniversary'. Your Papa proudly said, "I told you, she would be more than fine". Guess he discovered the 'little big' girl in you before Mamma did.

Wishing you a fabulous Mont 3 as we gear up for another adventure filled year ahead. All things new, tales at four!

Love you,

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