Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Papa's birthday and Dutch Truffle Cake

Another year and another lockdown birthday for Papa. 

The excitement however remains, with our little girl making a card at 10.15pm the previous night. A lot of secret planning with mamma and choosing  a cake that fits all requirements. 

The morning begins with wishing Papa at every instance, giving him the greeting card and a menu for the day. 

Being a foodie family, we had discovered  a one pot chicken vegetable noodle soup and that made it to the birthday menu. 

The cake was Dutch truffle from one of Papa's favourite patisserie. 

And like always, Papa had surprises for Ira and mamma. I got dark chocolates and Ira got  a book :) 

Little things, little moments we are grateful for. 

And yeah, Papa celebrated his birthday in April. 

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