Monday, August 28, 2023

111, the Ira way

                     Ira and Paata, been together for seven years now.

Ira completed 111 months yesterday. Last year in September , we celebrated her completing 100 months at Kali Adventure Camp, doing her favourite things and eating gulab jamun.

I like to think of these milestones and remember them. I also realise that her 9th Birthday Blog is still a wip (in the mind). The last three months into Fourth grade has been quite a revelation. The learning curve seems to have jumped with her wanting agency for her decisions and wanting to feel empowered. She is navigating complex moments in her friendship and peer circles with some silent confidence and sometimes vocal thoughts.

Last evening, she came down with a cough and we decided to get some rest today, stay home.

Paata in her old dress, sitting beside Ira as she reads.

She has rested but has also done some new things today. She worked on some Maths and spent lot of time reading. Also, helped Papa make Serradura,the Goan dessert in the morning. We then began work on another craft project and did step one of it ( more hopefully in another blog). 

                         Serradura happiness

The cough is  still there and she may need some more days rest. But she remembered that I had promised to help her make a dress for Paata, her first doll :)

So, we got to the task. She had a favourite dress that was upcycled to a skirt and today we upcycled that to a dress for Paata. Taada!!

Ira happy, Mamma happy!Our little human being is 111 month and 1 day old and calling the shots ,perfectly. 

                        Being Ira 

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