The Incomplete Silhouette

The dim glow of the lights…
The light chanting of the mantras…
Music that transformed my senses to different heights.

I could feel it in my senses,
Every fibre of my being knew its essence.
The beats of the tabla played the welcome song,
The trinkets in my feet found their steps abound.
I could see my image in the mirror,
The silhouette of the dancer, with no error.

I reached out to touch this reality…
To my dismay, realized it was just a dream with clarity.
Hopes shattered…found the glass pieces at my feet;
A broken image of the dancer my eyes did meet.

A tear spent, moments lent…
An unrealized dream,
A thirsty stream.
The lights went dim,
A silent hymn,
An unsaid prayer,
A void to stay here….


novice said…
from personal experience...i've learnt, that whether a dream comes true or should just cherish and pride the fact that one has the courage to dream and the stubborness to eternally hope to see it come true...
Sumu said…
Absolutely Beautiful!!!
I guess that sums it up...You really feel as if you are experiencing the dream, the instances high on emotion...the jolt back to reality is just fabulous...Exquisite piece..

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