The year that was; the words that were...- Subjects

The pages now have a tinge of yellow, the edges are roughed up...some of the words are faded.I look at them and they reflect what i was...
I will post them here .....sporadically.....remembering those times...those words...that year:)

So, here is the first one ...written when i was eleven years old...a first taste of secondary school and a whole new bunch of subjects.

Hindi, English and Sanskrit are subjects of creations;
Whereas Drawing and Craft are subjects of patience.
Maths is a subject of common sense;
Whereas Chemistry, Physics and Biology are subjects of intelligence.
History is a subject about ancient things;
Whereas Geography is a subject about natural things.
But Civics is a subject with a difference rather-
It is a subject of law and order.


Dhanya said…
ooooh very nostalgic.. all these subjects took me to my school days and how I felt about them then.. simple n nice :)

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