Conversations are like this only!!!

This is only possible with a conversation!
A friend of mine posted on his blog a quote by Sade(Remember sadism)...In response to it, my comment was way more wordy than the wonder, conversations are like this only!!

The Quote:

"Conversations ,like some part of the anatomy,run smoothly with the help of some lubrication"- Marquis De Sade

My Comment::

Conversations are like a spring, we human beings like it warm!
Conversations are like the river banks, we want them to hold our attention!
Conversations are like the meandering path, we step on the stones and move on!
Conversations are like garden hedges, we get a peep of what lies beyond!
Conversations are like the mountain cliffs, we want to scale to the optimum!
Conversations are like the reality we want to see, we mould them the way we want it to be!


Mukta said…
ah! conversations are a blessing...they don't let you stagnate or remain inflexible and they let you discover so much. unless you are as ready to listen as you are to speak, you can never have a conversation! they can be stimulating, exhilarating, random, unplanned yet tons of fun :)
Its really lovely to read your writing again! Thank heavens for the internet - and conversations in cyber space.

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