A Death of Apathy

I am Angry
I am Hurt
I am Furious
I am Disappointed
I am Shocked
I am Disgusted.
I am Enraged

I want to Act against this hooliganism.
I want to Hear their silly explanations.
I want to Fire the men who hold the throne.
I want to Disagree with their claims of moral fibre.
I want to Seethe in thought so that the reaction remains.
I want to Do what I can.
I want to Empathise with the ones victimised.

I will not let this happen to us.
I will not bear in silence this annihilation.
I will not be a mute spectator to these power games.
I will not let a stranger decide my life.
I will not blame the system but be the change.
I will not cower in fear but stand in strength.
I will not let 'his'story repeat itself!!!

Some incidents bring out a furor of emotions and a plethora of actions, gets the media into a frenzy and remotes stand still!
Does the nation awaken? Do people in reality become more sensitive? Are the dharnas and protests a momentary solace? Will the political party in government be politically right? Will the opposition use this to garner votes? Will the men view their rights differently? Will the constitution re-write fundamental rights in a gender bender manner? Will the roadside hawker stop selling chai to these goons? Will places of religious importance shut their doors on the miscreants? Will the fanatic fools finally leave us alone? Will actions like this ever face recession? Can society give the 'pink slip' to these self proclaimed moral police?Will the panel discussions stop generating news and ensure justice? Can the IPC undo the trauma of the young minds? Will the 'I am safe' and 'this cannot happen to me' mode young women come out of their slumber? Can someone answer these unanswered questions??? Or will this like many unanswereed questions die a death of apathy?


indu said…
Good one...i totally relate to the emotions you have mentioned and it is truly "a death of apathy"..I eagerly hope all the questions raised will be answered and not just die down...

Ujwal said…
Sitting miles away from home..relate to this anger!
Loved this one the most..of your recently penned thoughts.
puneetspeed said…
to my uneducated mind, your response along with the others mentioned above and some glorified feminists is stupid

1. All men / boys know that to an extent that they are physically better built than women / girls.

2. In a group of hooligans obviously short of education, civility and action in their boring pathetic reason of life, no one would reason with them let alone try.

So, the easier option is you take the responsibility and arm yourself to defend with a gun or cobra poison to their eyes and nostrils.

Remember, when you have a hammer in your hand the whole world looks like a nail.
Madhurima said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Madhurima said…
@Puneet: Let me clarify!!! Standing up for my rights does not make me or any woman in my place a feminist.It is basic human rights that i am talking about.
Yes!! all men kno they are stronger than women but women need NOT Believe that they are weaker than men- that is my contention- this is also in the mind.
U rightly said, "no one would reason with them let alone try."...sitting in the comforts of the cubicle, half the world says this and that to me is apathy...
we are safe in our nests...but we forget that we educated, civil and rational human beings can do our bit to bring about the change. It is beyond a temporal solution like a gun or a pepper spray. What we are fighting is the mindset...
puneetspeed said…
typo on my part: it should have been "feminists on the tube".

Now to the basic question you have raised about fighting the mindset. I quite doubt that.

Since anything (government, organization, people) are limited by the character of the person it is being led by. So because of your shout out to the noise polluted world will die soon, the only way you can survive / reason in such situations is with a tool.

1. Protect yourself
2. Kick the other persons butt
3. Overpower so the rest of the crowd think twice before an attempt.

Imagine a situation, where 5 girls armed coming out of the pub/bar. The news would have different. There would praises about common sense prevailing.
That thought would have prevailed and inspired and sent a "shock and awe" message to the enemy barracks.

Anyway, i am expecting a similar voice in another 2 weeks because there would be similar attempts during Feb 14th. And, we dont have to be intelligent to guess that voice will too die.

RIP :)
Madhurima said…
@Puneet: Hmmm...am being optimistic and hoping that along wid ur solution, my hope will find reality too...
Blue Lily said…
Good piece of writing... and with IMPACT

On the debate, actually I agree with both of you... You and Puneet

I think the reason these so called protectors take this stance is because they know there will be no retaliation, so if they were made to realise that it is not so, things would be different...

Also I feel we should protect ourselves and not expect others to come to our rescue... That would be true Women's emancipation.

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