The Crunchiness of Life!!

The pitter-patter of thoughts,
The rhyme of romance,
The butter batter of mix,
The coffee- cocoa flicks!

The conviction in convection,
The 180 degree high,
Let the dough rise,
Let the aroma suffice.

Anxious eyes,
Anticipating palette,
A first of its time,
Full happiness in chime.

The time did stop,
The curtain did rise,
The melted brown syrup,
With white chocolate was iced.

He cut it with a knife,
Took a delightful bite,
Sound of laugh and 'crunchiness'
Filled the atmosphere alright.

"I appreciate the effort,
the result however it may be".
The moment stayed on...
The baking disaster bygone.

It was supposed to be...
a choco- mocha cake...
However, a patent of
'Crispy choco rusk' is in the make:)


puneetspeed said…
You've baked a really lovely cake, but then you've used dog shit for frosting.

Well, perfection matters...

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