Great hopes amidst dismal turnout- Election 2009

Satish Dhawan Auditorium, 13th May: Soap Box
2009 witnessed a dismal crowd of around 60 students trickle
into the Satish Dhawan Auditorium; the platform where
the contestants presented their manifestos and lathered up
their promises.
The contestants for the post of General Secretary took
on the dais next and spoke of their respective agendas.
Abraham Kurian focused on the duty and rights of a stu-
dent and the importance of communication between the
Student Council and students. He said that the Student
Council is a channel for students to raise their issues and a
service being done by students to the student community.
SC is ultimately the only voice of the students.
Alexander Fell, the other contestant for the post of
General Secretary exemplified his problem-solving skills by
sharing his experiences and showcasing his competency to
deal with issues. He said that a promise made has a high
value and we should promise only what we can deliver on
our own. Appala Raju, another contestant for the post of
General Secretary failed to attend the soapbox.
Srishti Shukla, the elected Womans Representative
mentioned the mantra of honesty, confidence and determi-
nation to deal with cribbing students and unsolved issues.
Brijesh Bhatt, the elected Chairperson while building
a strong case for co-panelist Abraham illuminated how ev-
ery student is a unit of SC and any blame to SC is blame
on self. He promised a smooth functioning and said that
responsibility is the keyword and the student community
should work on a mutual relation.
The session began with the acting chair of the outgoing
Student Council, Rohini Bansal presenting a testimony of
their achievements and short-comings. She stressed upon
the apathy of the students to issues which dont directly im-
pact them and in response to unsolved issues, commented
that the administration doesnt wish to talk about them.
In the Q&A session various questions were raised con-
cerning hostel amenities, administration, SC responsibility,
student issues, and general management of campus, child-
labor and security. The audience expected the contestants
to take the onus and make their votes worthy.
What is commendable is how the two General Secretary
candidates maintained the decorum and ensured an enrap-
turing debate answering the questions thrown at them with
lan. There was a consensus-building environment and a
show of mutual respect and dignity. However, low turnout
stole the shine of an excellent soapbox.

P.S: Shyam and i wrote this


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