Summer holidays begin, the Ira way

The summer is here
Montessori year one done
Filled with activities and fun
Summer holidays have begun
basking in the time and sun

Mamma planning activities
Papa planning trips
Stories to tell and create memories
More new books
More new ideas
New things to do every few minutes

Keep Ira busy
is the mantra
unstructured play is here to stay
Ira doing her own little thing
conversations and dialogues
phone calls and visits

Play dates with friends
Excitement rules the meet-day
Some park time
Making rotis for the pigeons
Cleaning soppu with elan
Teaching story puzzle to guests
Wearing her doctor glasses and checking temperature too

The summer camps begin today
New experiences and new worlds to explore
The Sea , Space and the Earth
More on them in another post

#Ira #Iraisms #Summerholidays


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