Some of my favorite things... Chai and more

My Thursday morning began with a big mug of Assam chai and me filling my journal. Everything about it was special. The chai and the journal have been gifted by two of my besties.

I have always loved planners and have had some gorgeous ones during college life,  diligently bought end of December to begin using from January first. Once upon a time, I did attempt to keep a diary but it got too emotional at a point and I stopped writing. This December when I was gifted this 5 year one line a day journal,  the little girl in me was thrilled to bits. I have been diligently noting down about my day,  what happens, sometimes what am feeling. Suddenly, those few lines seem little but I can't wait to look at it five years down the line to see how every May 18th was for me in the last five years. Given the paucity of space,  I jot down what seems most important part of the day and when I look back at the last five months, it's a motley mix of things. This journal will always have a special place in my heart, like forever.

My love for chai began at Mounts thanks to the 'Ditchers'. Our night out conversations were interspersed with mugs of chai. We girls could drink chai anytime anywhere. From there, the love only grew and I had chai partners at IISc. Friends with whom you go for that chai break and who can almost take a chai break anytime, the hour of the day being inconsequential. This love deepened further when I visited Assam and the Nilgiris for work and 20% of my baggage would be chai, brought home much to the delight of the significant other, who also is a chai lover. With Prashant, I discovered the earthiness of makaibari green tea, the golden colour of the darjeeling tea and the beauty of a white tea brewed perfectly. My favorite ofcourse is adrak wali chai because nothing wakes your senses like that. So,  grateful for beautiful mornings like this and everything else too.

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To chai and everlasting friendships <3 <3 <3
Namrata Iyer said…
Love the idea of a one line journal. How does it feel writing about a bad day? I wonder if the process of summing it up in such few words might be healing in itself!

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